1. My Doogee device seems to be faulty. Who do I contact?

    All Doogee Handsets are sold with a 12-month repair warranty covering factory defects. If you experience any trouble at all, please visit the Cash Crusaders store where you purchased your device and they will gladly assist you. If they are not able to assist you in-store, they will send your device so that our off-site Service Centres can have a look at your device. If you did not purchase your device from Cash Crusaders, kindly refer to the Contact Us or Support page on the global Doogee website for directly imported handsets.

  2. How long is my warranty on my Doogee device?

    Your Brand New Doogee device comes with a 12-month repair warranty for any confirmed factory defect.

  3. What happens when my device becomes faulty?

    In the event that your device has become faulty, please proceed to the Cash Crusaders branch where your device was purchased and advise them of the issue you are experiencing. They will have a look at the phone and if necessary, book in the phone so that your phone can be inspected by our team of professionals.

    When you arrive at the store, speak to the repair co-ordinator who will offer you some insight on what may have gone wrong while they test your phone and then book it into the off-site Service Centre.

    • The repair co-ordinator will test the device with you and advise what the fault is likely to be. They don’t open products so they cannot be certain, but will give you an idea.
    • If the fault is definitely not covered by the warranty, for example because the screen is cracked, you will be asked to authorise a quotation. Note that there is a small charge payable for quotations that are not approved.
    • The device will then be booked in for repair where one of our highly skilled technicians will have a look at the device.
    • Our repair agents will confirm the fault and report back to the store.
    • If the fault is covered by the warranty, the device will be repaired and sent back to the store where you booked in the phone. They will in turn contact you advising you that your phone is ready for collection.
    • If the fault is not covered by the warranty, our repair team will make contact with the store, who will then contact you and discuss the options available to you, including determining if you would like a quotation.
    • Our repair turnaround time is 7 to 14 working days and is dependent on availability of spares.
  4. What is not covered by the warranty?

    • Batteries are covered by the warranty within the first 6 months of ownership.
    • Physical damage, misuse, liquid damage, repairs and/or modifications and alterations that have been done by unauthorised third parties will void your warranty.
    • Damage as a result of impact damage on the product or its accessories, including but not limited to physical damage, screen scratches, dents or marks will void your warranty.
    • Damaged due to excessive heat, like direct sunlight, for long periods of time causing damage to the internal/external components of the product will void your warranty.
    • The defect is caused by an accident and/or wear and tear will void your warranty.
    • Exterior modifications on your device like attachments can also influence the strength of your network connectivity.
    • The downloading of illegal software will void your warranty.
    • The alteration or tampering of the IMEI number, whether it has been deleted, removed or made illegible will void your warranty.
    • If the IMEI and description of your device is not congruent with the proof of purchase, the warranty is void.
    • Failing to correctly follow the instructional manual and instructions for use, or if products are not used correctly, or using accessories that are not compatible with your device – such as generic accessories and other contaminated auxiliary devices, will void your warranty.
    • If the defect is caused by unauthorised or illegal software and/or due to a file or application which has corrupted the internal or external memory of the device, your warranty is void.
  5. Where can I buy a new Doogee charger or battery?

    Please call or proceed to your local Cash Crusaders branch who can order this for you (availability dependant) from our offsite Service Centre.

  6. Where can I get firmware updates for my device?

    There are 3 options:

    • Updates are available Over the Air (OTA). Connect your device to Wi-Fi and check the Updates tab under settings to check if there are any Updates available.
    • Click here to check Doogee.cc
    • Via our Service Centre. You can book in your phone and if it is still within the warranty period, your update will be complimentary.