Waterdrop Screen, Breathtaking New Vision

An advanced waterdrop notch condenses the front camera to offer an impressive screen-to-body ratio, making the front look unprecedentedly smooth and classy.

3400mAh, Big Battery Meets Battery Saver

When a 3400mAh big battery meets a power saving system, the X90 has prolonged battery life. Charge less, use more.

8+5MP Cameras, Striking Masterpiece

The X90 is stacked with 8+5MP dual rear cameras which takes stunning pictures and video. It captures stunning portraits even in dark conditions.

5MP Selfie, Engaging Beauty

A 5MP front-facing camera, utilises a big aperture and 80° wide-angle lens. Whether its a selfie portrait or group photo, the X90 captures you at your best.

Remarkable CPU, Steady Performance

The X90 is powered by a quad-core CPU that offers a remarkable operating experience and responsive performance. Its outstanding multitasking capability drives faster data and processing.

Lighter Burden, Ready to “GO”

The Android™ 8.1 Oreo™ (Go Edition) increases the average operating speed by 15%. The preinstalled Apps are also optimized to take up 50% less space and you get to enjoy swift performance, more storage and smooth data management.

Upgraded Tech,
Accurate Recognition

The accurate 3D facial recognition system can easily identify your unique facial features in low light environments, this helps to monitor access to your device.

Superfine Artwork,
Fantastic Fashion

Both the front and back panels of the X90 blend the art of technology and fashion, creating a light aesthetic with three fantastic colours.