Waterdrop Screen, Breathtaking New Vision

The advanced waterdrop notch condenses the camera into a tiny space to offer an impressive screen-to-body ratio, making the front look unprecedentedly smooth and classy.

Waterdrop Screen
Aspect Ratio
Screen Ratio

Emerald Green,
Healing Goodness

Our engineers merge their keen sense of fashion with the Nano-vacuum Optical Coating Process to deliver a unique colour scheme. Under the fascinating neon, the emerald green X90L glitters from its black sides to its green centre for an engaging experience.

Midnight Black
External Fashion

The black X90L was inspired by interstellar space. Its deep colour depicts elegance and sophistication.

Phantom Purple,
Mysterious Elegance

The phantom purple conveys a subtle mystique and with colour changing gradients that react under warm light.

Android™ 9, Easy As Pie

Android™ 9 Pie utilises an intelligent AI system to make your experience more personal and responsive. The system will also analyse your App usage to optimize battery allowing you to go further on one charge.

3400mAh, Big Battery Meets Battery Saver

When a 3400mAh battery meets a power saving system, the battery life of the X90L is efficiently prolonged. With an Adaptive Brightness feature, the phone will automatically adjust your screen's brightness depending on external lighting conditions which also helps you to save power.

8+5MP Cameras, Striking Masterpiece

The X90L is stacked with 8+5MP rear cameras, and a Bokeh effect that helps you capture stunning portraits while its night mode captures you in full detail during darkened lighting conditions.

5MP Engaging Selfie

A 5MP front-facing camera, utilises a big aperture and 80°wide-angle lens to elevate your selfie quality. No matter if it’s a selfie portrait or group shooting, the X90L allows you to capture precious moments at incredible detail.

Highly Efficient Performance

The X90L is powered by a MT6739 quad-core CPU that offers a remarkable operating experience and optimal performance. Its outstanding multitasking capability drives faster data processing.

Secure Facial Recognition

Besides the rear fingerprint unlocking, the X90L also utilises an intelligent facial recognition system which allows you an alternative locking method to its secure fingerprint system